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Senator Bukola Saraki: The Story of a Serial Traitor

by Seyi Oduyela - 29 June 2015

Senator Bukola Saraki: The Story of a Serial Traitor By Oluwaseyi Oduyela Dr. Bukola Saraki worked as a Medical Officer at Rush Green Hospital, Essex between 1988 and 1989. He was a Director of Societe Generale Bank (Nig) Ltd from 1990-2000. He was appointed special assistant to the President on Budget in...


Cosmopolitan Ethics In World Politics

Seyi Oduyela

Seyi Oduyela Cosmopolitan thinking can claim a long and venerable lineage in (western) political theory that runs through Greek philosophy, Christian theology, Kantian critical theory and liberalism (See Smith and Vaughan-Williams in this Issue). In recent decades and due to the work of a few key scholars cosmopolitan thinking has undergone a revival across the social sciences. Emboldened by the...

World News

Baba Aladura Akintobi Ajayi (Agbo Jesu) Visits America

His Eminence  Samuel Olusegun Akintobi Ajayi

His Eminence Samuel Olusegun Akintobi Ajayi   PRESS RELEASE Thursday, October 16, 2014 It was an atmosphere of pageantry as the Prelate of the Cherubim & Seraphim Agbo Jesu Conference Worldwide, His Eminence Spiritual Father Samuel Olusegun Akintobi Ajayi touched down at the JFK International Airport, New York, this morning having as one of his entourage, his personal assistant, Superintendent...

Business & Finance

Patent Sponsorship

Sponsorship for Patent

Sponsorship for Patent Often inventors need to raise some early investments to help pay for  prototypes, patents or other items to help get the project off the ground. You  have three goals: one, avoid trying to write a 40 to 50 page business plan, two,  to show you are serious about taking your product to market, and finally, you  need to show your idea has a real chance to succeed. A brief...


Resources for Reporting on the Ebola Virus and Outbreak

Resources for Reporting on the Ebola Virus and Outbreak Journalists around the world are scrambling to cover the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history, which is tearing its way through West Africa. As of July 27, the World Health Organization, in partnership with the Ministries of Health in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria, had announced a cumulative total of 1,323 suspected or confirmed cases...


Computer Information Thieves (a.k.a Social Engineers)

Computer Information thieves

Computer Information thieves Ochuko Aluya – Contributor Social engineering (or human hacking) is a confidence  trick, designed to gather information that will allow a hacker to access a  computer system in order to commit a fraud or install malicious software. It is  an easier way to get information such as access to a computer than actually  hacking the system. There are many ways...


Friendships through Sports!

Friendship through sports

Friendships through sports It is hard to deny the value of sports for a myriad of reasons. There are the obvious benefits such as exercise, calorie burning, muscle toning and endurance. There is also the added and equally beneficial element of forming friendships, some of which last over the course of a lifetime. It does not matter whether you congregate with the guys in the football helmets, under...


The Importance of Setting Study Goals!

Set Study Goals Goals are important in all walks of life as they help to provide direction.  Without direction, you won’t know where you are going. When you are studying you need to have goals in mind. Know what you are  working towards. If you know exactly what career you are going for that’s great  as long term goals help shape your future. If don’t have those longer term goals ...

U.S. News

US urging North Korea to release detained American

Nicholas Wright

Nicholas Wright The U.S. is urging North Korea to release an 85-year-old American who’s been detained for more than a month. Retired finance executive Merrill Newman, who fought in the Korean War, was taken off a plane Oct. 26 by North Korean authorities while preparing to leave after a 10-day visit. Read More Share this:FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogleEmailPrint...

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President Jammeh must put an end to 20 years of Repression and Impunity for Human Rights Violations

On the 20th anniversary of the military coup that brought dictator Yahya Jahmmeh to power, Reporters Without Borders joins other free speech and human rights organizations in calling for an end to 20 years of impunity for human rights violation in Gambia. Gambian President Yahya Jahmmeh is one of the world’s 39 “Predators of press freedom.” 22 July 1994 – 22 July 2014: 20 Years...