Finding the Link between the Content and Relational messages of APC

Posted on by Seyi Oduyela

Finding the Link between the Content and Relational Messages of APC

By Oluwaseyi Oduyela/Washington, DC

Hmmm… People have been rushing to APC in numbers “Big” names have declared for the new machine of oppression.

What is funny is that most Nigerians are buying into the potency of this new machine of looting formed by old looting fellows.

People have been judging the new ‘movement’ by the rhetoric of these proponents without paying attention to what they are not saying.

What are they not saying? It is true that action speaks louder than voice and we tend to believe our nonverbal messages more than the verbal messages.

When people talk to you, listen to what they are not telling you because the real message is in what they are not telling you. The content messages we get, most times do not give us the information but rather the message is embedded in the relational aspect of the message.

According to my dear friend Tunde Oduntan, the political elite in Nigeria know how to create political narratives for Nigerians to buy into.

When Obasanjo sent his letter to GEJ these guys kept quiet, none of them commented. They left it for Nigerians to start yelling and ranting. The strategy is easy. GEJ appears to be the common enemy now. Common Nigerians don’t like him, political elite hate him; but the reasons are not the same and these people, knowing the thinking of Nigerians seized the opportunity just as it was in the time of the military. They used Obasanjo to start the attack. When his daughter responded with her letter, she was quickly condemned by whom? Nigerians of course! They called her the black sheep of the family, without addressing the content of her letter. We seem to attach some senseless cultural values when they are not needed. The same people who shouted Iyabo Obasanjo down after the attempt to play the politricks that she denied the letter didn’t work failed to read Obasanjo’s letter line by line and see that the Mr.-too-Know was actually accusing himself and not Jonathan.

Now, Buhari, Tinubu, Rochas Okorocha,Amaechi now see Obasanjo as elder statesman, they quickly paid him a visit.

While some of my friends have been busy analyzing Jonathan’s woes come 2015 and the prospects of the political insurgents, arguing about who will be the consensus candidate and from which region. They have started sharing the loots they have not acquired; I have been busy looking at the characters behind APC. I have been examining this group of strange bed-fellows, trying to figure out the common denominator that has brought these elements together against Jonathan.

I have come to some conclusions and chief of which is FEAR! I asked myself why would these “powerful” people, especially those of them in the PDP leave to form APC. Why form APC? Why not stay within the party and force Jonathan out? Why is Buhari joining with Tinubu, Atiku joining the group, and many others coming together against the man the world has called the worst president ever in the history of Nigeria?

There must be something they know that they are not sharing with us. Something known to them that is unknown to Nigerians probably to Jonathan himself.

In the next few days, I am going to try to fix this political puzzle be x-raying the leading members of APC probably it would help in answering these questions.

Stay tuned……..



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