For Dele Ajaja… My Widows Mite……

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I hear you my brother. I feel you my partner in crime. You have refused to genuflect to President Goodluck Jonathan or anybody for that matter. Right from the battle for June 12 days, you have positioned yourself on the side of truth. You went into the trench in full military fatigue, that Democracy took foothold in Nigeria. You knew that with the Military Junta at the helm of affairs in our country, there will be no progress and needed necessary fundamental changes. Thanks to your mordant, fight to the last man sense of outrage, Nigeria today stand to be counted as a Democratic nation. Thriving? Well, that is another question for future discussion. You were pragmatic, focused but a relentless optimist about this country and the democracy, we thank God Almighty for. That my dear brother, is where I beg to disagree with you. Presumptions about what is possible protect our brittle democracy. It is time for a new song. Martial music!
The whole world heard it when Adams Oshiomole, an elected Governor, told a poor widow to “GO AND DIE.” Incurable optimists about Nigeria (like you my brother) will see this as a slip of tongue. I do not. It is the cruel and unusual trade mark of this democracy. A democracy that was expected to bring better changes. Usher in hope for the poor, the downtrodden and the exploited. But demeaning the electorate and abusing them is where we have landed as a nation. A zany world of leaders, like Oshiomole custodians of the chimera we call democracy that is untethered to commonsense. This is what our DEMONSTRATION OF CRAZE has transformed to. We see the gerrymandering of the APC. A party which I see as a fuzzy collaboration of the rejects of PDP. A complicated marriage of convenience. Led by the megalomaniac, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the maestro and incompetent conductor of our “future”. A man that stands for nothing but who will fall for anything. With Tinubu, as way out of the PDP mess. The arc of the moral universe bends. We are all amazed by the disconcerting naivete displayed by the fool, we call President. The malapropisms of his wife, which would have been comical if it was not very disturbing. Many thought Goodluck, was the dog that would roar. You were not of this school of thought. Neither was I. The truth Dele, is that Mr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has been a terrible President. A man worse than Sanni Abacha. His policies and style of governance is pushing the system beyond its breaking point. A Government where anything that can go wrong has gone wrong. With this Democracy, the bedrock of our society has been corrupted. Pretending to make sense of the balderdash, has become an exhausting act. A trance journey, only fools enjoy.
Bad as all these is sir, the worse is yet to come. It is really troubling when a former Labor leader of the country. A man that came from very humble background. A leader of the people. A man elected by the people; can scorn the basement and tell a fellow human being to “GO AND DIE”. Just because she is poor. Just because he knows, he lives in a country where he can get away with murder. The irresponsibility of the Nigerian politician. A country where good people become bad and bad people become god. With growing exhaustion among the people, the future of this democracy is not at all guaranteed. Unlike you sir, I see no light at the end of the tunnel. We deserve leaders who would honor their their explicitly stated will. To get men like Adams Oshiomole in power; you fought, many lost their lives. It is the reason we came to Diaspora, expecting to return home to a better Nigeria. Now as it turns out, we have got it totally wrong. I make bold to ask: what good can come out of this Israel? When shall we wake up from this nightmarish slumber. As demonstrated by Oshiomole, politicians continue to cause pervasive insidious poverty and demean the people who brought them into power. I say it is time to throw away the baby and the dirty bath water. The more we peel this onion, the more tears it brings to our faces. Should the Governor resign? Hell yes! Will he resign? Hell no! All I know and fervently pray for, is for this wretched journey to come to an inevitably catastrophic conclusion. We desperately need a dramatic change of direction. It remains possible that someday a bloody revolution will start. Or worst case scenario: a bloody coup. When God will tell the Nigerian politician: “GO AND DIE”.

This Dele Ajaja, is my widow’s mite. The end of the beginning………. I hope and pray.

PDP said it will rule Nigeria for fifty years. When do you think we should begin the fight to get our country back?
This one for Olaoluwakitan Ajasa. Made from love, you are a gift from above. Happy birthday to you my baby.

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