Jammeh’s Active Measures against Gambians By Ishmael Sarr

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Yahya Jammeh, Gambian President

Yahya Jammeh, Gambian President

What we are facing in the Gambia is a Political warfare
Whether the opposition parties are aware of it or not, since the beginning President Yahya AJJ Jammeh is not playing conventional politics with them or the Gambian people. Throughout history, tyrants and dictators usually look up to Machiavelli’s The Prince for guidelines and Yahya is no exception. From the beginning he showed signs of a tyrant and over the past 19 years became a master at it. He was able to identify the ravenous citizens within us and used them to achieve what he needed at the time. He was able to identify the weak spirited and exploit them, the strong and ambitious he tried to destroy by incriminating them, labeling them as enemies of the state. During these maneuvers most of us citizens especially the seasoned politicians were still underestimating his cruelty and intelligence which is a huge error from our side. Since he set out to be the Prince, he started destroying our judicial system to fit his needs, destroying the old ruling class, the destruction of the civil service, demoralizing the armed forces, promotion of immoral deeds, execution of rivals, spending lavishly from the pockets of legal donors and illegal ones yet claiming it to be his, etc. Most of all he manages to install absolute fear in the majority of Gambians. According to Machiavelli “Men worry less about doing an injury to one who makes himself loved, than to one who make himself feared. Fear is simply a means to an end, and that end is security for the prince”.

Such ideas are often followed to the letter by tyrants and dictators, but then he said ”fear instilled should never be excessive, for that could be dangerous to The Prince.” In recent years, two years give or take The Gambian Machiavellian The Prince is beginning to lose his Prince Mojo. His regime has never been tested by the Gambians and international community like this before.. Why is this so? He instilled excessive fear into the hearts and minds of the Gambian people. He is no longer respected by anyone. His fear and paranoid attitude is visually evident to all Gambians due to his actions. He has lost most of his strong Allies and financial support. His rhetoric and actions are still the same which will eventually bring us to the downfall of the Prince. ”A man who is used to acting in one way never changes, he must come to ruin when the times, are changing and are no longer are in harmony with his ways.” Machiavelli’s The Prince.

Gambian people are fed up with his drama and blame games. This is the stage our Gambia Prince Yahya Jammeh is at presently. Thanks to the new political arrivals in the arena. These are the Diaspora Radio stations, the Online Newspapers, the Online political forums on Facebook and the Gambia L. This new breed of citizens against the Kanilai Prince, are playing the game with their own rules. The dictator is confused, he cannot keep up. He abandoned his comfort zone by starting to recruit mercenaries and auxiliary troops from his allies across the border in Cassamance( MFDC rebel group) to keep him in power. Both sets of armed groups are detrimental to his grip on power. This new political animal operating in the Gambian political arena introduced us to the stages of Political Warfare. This is necessary because gentle conventional politics, public relations statements, diplomacy all failed to persuade our Gambia Prince to be democratic. Therefore this new acepahlous political body( headless body), manned by men and women with sincere dedication to the republic of the Gambia will defeat the dictator´s forces who lack discipline, or loyalty to him or the state. The Prince is doomed to fail. The level of intelligence of the unstable team he surrounded himself with speak volumes about the strength of his regime.

These ideas introduced by this new political body on the front lines of this Political Warfare, called the online activists by some, but I like to call the NETWAR SQUADRON, did more damage to the image of Jammeh and his grip on power than all elections held in the last 19 years put together. They have elevated the grey and black propaganda in our political history to new levels. It shows that this new team of politically citizens are forcing the Prince of Kanilai to set himself up to fail by all means necessary., ‘’Things fall apart, the center can no longer hold’’. The opposition political parties, in which some are well versed in the language of politics, are still not clear whether they are willing to give the dictator a life line till 2016, or they are more willing to organize a free and fair elections without the Kanilai Prince come 2016. What is clear is that, they never change their conventional political tactics or game plan. We have seen some brave men stand up against the draconian laws of the dictator. Amongst them in the past are men and women like Halifah Sallah, Sedia Jatta, Sam Sarr, Shyngle Nyassi( MSRIP), Femi Peters, Mariam Denton, Mai Fatty, Ousainou Darboe, etc… but he never give in to their demands, instead he prosecuted some of them.

But Feguelen Serer nan”Adada Maye, Mbaal nabok kerr naa lii beh khaa jien ta ree teeh ” meaning” After many trips if you never have a good catch with your fishing net, change it.’’ If they cannot or refuse to change their strategy, they should at least welcome and encourage the new class of political commentators. Such a move is patriotic because they are fighting for the same thing. A GAMBIA WITHOUT YAHYA JAMMEH AS OUR PRESIDENT AND NO ISATOU NJIE SAIDY IN GOVERNMENT. After that we can once again enjoy free and fair elections. Yahya Jammeh and his gang of armed men in their active measure strategy against the Gambia people, first made sure that the media houses are limited and oppressed, so that he can indoctrinate the youth and the elderly with his ad nauseam propaganda strategy can be useful and effective. Eg. How many times do we hear him on national TV talking about Gambia being colonized for 400 years? Is that true? How many times did we hear him talk about our natural resources (Oil) and how the West want to take all benefits. Are we an oil exporting country? How many times did we hear him talk about the West not doing nothing for the Gambia, that his Government finances everything from his Allah’s Bank? Haven’t we witness him begging the West for Aid, the Arab World, the Taiwanese? The list is long, but we cannot forget the not serious one appealing to our fears in the Gambia ‘’Security’’.

How many times did we hear on national TV threatening citizens with lack of security and why he will introduce new security measures? Is he not the main threat to all Gambians? This man is not playing conventional politics. He is slowly becoming a master at damage control. Therefore with his life on the line in this struggle he is fully engaged in what I called the Kanilai Active Measure Strategy against Gambians. In order for his Propaganda tactic to work, he killed many Journalists, harmed many and exiled many. For him to control and threaten the opposition parties, he had repressed and prosecuted numerous politicians and political dissidents: Eg, Halifah Sallah,Late S Nyassi,Femi Peters,Amadou Sanneh and he succeeded with Wa Juwara , Rambo and the man from Saloum( Not Hamat Bah). He even created fake opposition party or parties. Endless assassinations of innocent men and women of kinds from Gambia, Ghana, Senegal, America, Togo, Nigeria, Guinea Bissau and Conakry, and UK…In order to penetrate the religious bodies, he recruited corrupt Imams and Clergy to do his deed, even to decorate them with lousy titles. He tried to eliminate the righteous among these leaders in our society like Baba Leigh and Ba Kawsu Fofana. Hits squad like the Jugglers, covert operations like the Bonto Cocaine Bunker… He knows what he was doing until now. Now he is not calling the shots in the Gambia anymore. It’s the Netwar Squadron incharge whether he likes it or not.

Today our Prince is like Nicolae Ceaușescu before his fall. Our opposition political parties should not walk away from the majority of the Gambians (50 years and below). All these citizens are engaged with the Online soldiers (NetWar Squadron) 24/7 and we don’t want Yahya Jammeh in any elections come 2016…We cannot afford another year with him occupying our state house. We cannot give it up without a fight for meaningful change. If we do, he wins the struggle against him and therefore he will win any elections he is involved in…Bulen ken Nah… Today the Machiavellian Prince of the Gambia had committed so many errors that we Gambians are determine, he will never recover from them. Of course it’s up to God, but there has never been any great nation that didn’t fight blood, sweat and tear, before they reach the podium of a true democratic Republic. Therefore if we persevere, we will be among those nations.

How can we do that from here? I don’t know, but since necessity is the mother of invention, I came up with some strategy I called Operation Bantaba Tavern. As a student of Drama, and history I believe, that our liberation Day is nearer than we think. Let me make something clear before I move on. I DO NOT believe that Yahya Jammeh will allow the opposition to defeat him in an election free and fair or not. If they the opposition want to force such a result come 2016, he will introduce bloodshed once again in the Gambia like he did in April 10th 2000 or even worst. I am not wishing for it, I just understand that we are dealing with a classic Brute of a man called Yahya Jammeh. We have many options to take him out as we speak, we can achieve only have if we are united. Few of them can happen if we change gear in the Netwar format from Acephalous( headless body) No leadership group, to a polycephalous body( with many heads) Many leaders at least. Why? In order to mobilize the youth and majority of Gambians inside and outside of the Gambia is must , so that we can command and control covert operations smoothly with very limited casualties. Already this hydra format is happening, there are many groups with leadership structures to accomplish the goal of the struggle. But the leaderless concerned citizens are more especially online. If we are to coordinate covert operations like the ones carried out by Abdoulaye Wade against Abdou Diouf, or by the M23/ Yen Marre against Wade, we need a covert mobilization. ( Baj lals all over the Gambia)

We can do it because in the Gambia our active security forces are less than 5000 nor do we have enough jail houses. They are not mechanized and if he wants to mobilize them across the Gambia to Chase ghost, it will cost them and the Government huge amounts of money. The Government of Yahya Jammeh Cannot Afford that. The soldiers cannot be idle for too long without fuel or food. If the soldiers are seriously exhausted, they will spot the enemy. During their massive patrols, the soldiers cannot arrest more than a thousand or even a hundred Gambians without a loud out cry in the Gambia and from abroad. We will keep Jammeh on the spot for a whole month. Let’s follow the money. We want him to spend as much money as possible to stay in power. In order to subdue our enemy and detached him from his supporters, we have to create new areas of tensions. More black ops, make him spend, spend, spend. Some will be listed here today, some will follow later, some are too sensitive to be exposed in the open, but they are not detrimental to anyone but our adversary and his helpers.
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