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By Jaiyeola Ajasa/Jaiyeola Street

All we are saying is : PRESIDENT GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN MUST GO! For that to happen we have thrown caution to the wind. We have thrown commonsense to the dogs. We sit back and watch as Lucifer and his demons do the work intended for Almighty God and his Angels. It is not hard to know how far we have gone down the path of complete insanity. The evidence is eerily prescient. Let us for a minute suspend our disbelief. Imagine our Moron-In -Chief as a man with some intelligence. He sees the hand writing on the wall and jumps ship to APC. He will be welcomed with more pomp and pageantry than the prodigal son. Dear Evbo, my question is :if APC is “bigger” than the PDP (now), why does it need remnants of PDP to wrestle power from a lame duck, good- for- nothing President,like GEJ? Have you noticed, that in its kamikaze move to take over Nigeria, the APC has met with disgraced past leaders like IBB,OBJ, everybody ……BUT the Nigerian people and God.

This my friend, is our road to ruin. The fate of the many have become divorced from the fortunes of the few. What we need to concentrate on is building an enlightened electorate. So rather than preach biblical fate, in a democracy that is inexorably stacked against the interest of the 99 percent. We need to teach the people. Sow knowledge about this democracy and the people we call leaders. People without a modicum of honor. People whose unmitigated self interest comes before the need of the nation. We need higher norms for what constitute acceptable behavior from people we call leaders. Unless this, a deeper rot takes hold. Unless this, we labor in vain. The cracks are so conspicuous in the philosophy and ideology of both the APC and PDP. They have the weight of the status quo going for them and have become so powerful. They are syncrestistic and endorse the popular illusory that ‘one day he go better’. Our blind faith in them and present day leaders has become something of a perfunctory ritual, rather than a cerebral obligation. Something to keep alive the paranoid narrative, of keeping the khaki boys in the barracks. What we have is a system that provides privileges to the rich and powerful. As always it is WE THE PEOPLE; the poor and the unconnected who suffer and are repeatedly ignored.

To capture the mind of the Elephant, circus trainers put a big shackle on the legs of the beast at a young age. The small Elephant tries for years to break free but the shackle is too big. After years of futile attempts the Elephant gives up. Then years goes by and the animal get older, bigger and much stronger. So massive that it can snap the shackle like a broom stick. But it does not try. In the mind of the Elephant, it is still that small animal that cannot break free from the big shackle. WE THE PEOPLE have to free our minds and realize the enormous power that we possess. We are the main ingredient in this democracy. We are the stars of the show. Without us there is no Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Goodluck Jonathan,IBB,OBJ, Bamangar Tukur, to name but a few crooks. We made these plutocrats, our demagoguery needs to stop. We are more intelligent than the Elephant. Evbo, Dele Ajaja, Oluwabamiwo Ajasa, Adegbenro Adebanjo, Olayinka Olaribigbe, Aolat Oluwatomi Sule, Adam Jose, DEEDOC Ola,Yinka Ogunsuyi Theo Lawson, Olayinka Agboola, Alhaji Oshine Oyedeji, Saheed Ajasa, Kunle Opaleye, Odolaye Aremu, Oluwashola Kadiri Akeem, Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi Online Network, Niyi Cole, Kenny Brandmuse, Laide Olaniyan, Kola Ogunshote, Wale Alamutu, Túndé Àrèmú Tunde Atiku, Akande Olaide, Yemi Shodimu , Greg Odutayo Remi Sanya, Theophilus Odeniyi, Omoaladeun Marine, Wene Baba, Alaba Manoel Ferreira , Alamutu Abiodun, we need to teach and not preach. Mark my word sirs, if we are not willing to spill blood to get this country on the right track, we will spill blood one day. And that blood, will be yours or mine. HAPPY NEW YEAR…….YOURS SINCERELY JAIYEOLA STREET.

” Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.” BOB MARLEY.

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