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The immigration process for anyone can be very stressful starting with  finding a country that suits your current personal and even political needs.  With that said, it is important to first understand why you are immigrating and  leaving your current country and find a country which can satisfy your  requirements. You have been given many resources both online and within your  current country that can help streamline your immigration process. Personally,  from what I have learned over the past few years there are about 5 factors which  come to the top of the list when trying to choose the right country when  immigrating. Let’s get started…

Things to consider

Things to consider

First, the family and friends alternative basically means that you choose a  place where you already have a support system in place. You may know many people  that have already immigrated to another country and they can provide valuable  insight into why a certain country may be a good choice. They will also provide  resources which will help you through the immigration process like forms, filing  documentation and collecting the correct personal information. Next, you need to  step back and few your current situation and explore the reasons why you are  looking to immigrate to another country. I would suggest making a list with your  reasons outlined and then prioritized the list with the most important to the  least. You will be surprised at some of the reasons and can compare how living  in a different country can actually help you or impact you. Explore your reasons  like are they medical, educational, employment, financial, for family or even  political. Many people need to flee a country for religious reasons and civil  war however some feel that their kids can have more opportunities if they are  raised and educated in another country with the top 3 being: United States,  United Kingdom and Canada.

Third, no matter what country you decide to settle in you need to move  forward and get on your foot which means securing employment. Personally, this  factor is so important that it can’t be avoided since your ability to find  employment can affect the outcome of your application status. The last thing  that any government wants to do is have to support a family for a few years  which cost tax payers a lot of money. Don’t be surprised if on the application  the issuing country is asking information regarding your employment and  education status. They most likely will take that information and try to compare  it to the likelihood of your ability in securing a job when you enter their  country and the expectation of time it takes for you to get going. What it comes  down to, is that they don’t want to allow people to immigrate who they feel  cannot somehow contribute to the country system. It is important to do your own  research and find jobs which are related to your field and research the demand  for those jobs. If the prospect is high and you have the skills that they  require, this can definitely add creditability to your application.

It is very important to look for a country with a solid health care system in  place for several reasons. First, if you have elderly parents they will require  effective health care as time goes on. Next, if you have kids or are planning to  have kids in the future it is always a good idea to have the availability of a  solid health care system in place. There are two types of health care systems  and a public system is always of your benefit. What is a public health system?  It is a system where you do not have to pay for the basic health care  necessities. These cost typically come out of the taxes that people pay each  year. The United States has a private health care system in place and if you are  making above average per year the Medicare conditions may not apply to you so  you in most cases will have to pay the cost of health care yourself. Heart  surgery can run anywhere from $50,000-$100,000 depending on how serious the  condition is which can leave many people with a lifelong debt. In most cases you  can get a health plan however these tend to be priced in the higher regions.

Safety is the final condition on our list of most important factor when  choosing a country for immigration status. Many times people will often want to  leave one place for another due to the political instability within their  current country. They are often persecuted or live in a place where they work  their entire lives not owning anything and being told what to do like in many  communist countries. Having the chance to immigrate to a country where they can  start a new life which is more stable and free is something that many of them  live for. This is why when choosing a place to relocate they first look at the  political climate and multiculturalism with everyone being treated equally.  Having this will be an asset and allow them to flourish giving them the  opportunity to work hard and be successful. If you are applying for immigration  in the near future, the factor listed above will be a good start in searching  the right place for you. Do your research and you can always enlist the help of  family and friends in the search. Next, hiring an immigration lawyer will  provide you with the necessary information you need to start the process. They  can provide you with places that may fit your requirement and who have leniency  for those who are trying to immigrate due to certain political reasons.

Credit – Ullah Riz – November, 2013.

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