The Rape Of Nigeria…..The Beginning Of The End.

Posted on by Jaiyeola Ajasa Ajasa

Lets be blunt. The rape of Nigeria is nothing new. What is new is the frightening degree of corruption in high places. Especially, public office holders. Never in the history of our great nation have public office officials been so rich. And WE THE PEOPLE poor. Under President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, we have slipped into a new Glided Age of massive looting of our treasury with brazen impunity. That Stella Oduah, bought two armored vehicles for #225 million, not only shows how rotten our system have gotten, it illuminates the grotesque reality of the future we face, should GEJ get four more years. Lets be honest, the PDP Government of Goodluck Jonathan is killing us slowly. If silence means consent, we relish the way we are dying.

Perception is reality. There is something in the water we drink these days. It has turned us into a “mumu nation” (ala Lagbaja). The average Nigerian, lives on a lonely island of abject poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of prosperity and ostentation. The country has more than enough resources to grapple with poverty. Never in the history of our great nation, have we shown such lackadaisical attitude to those in power and the ways they waste “our” money. Nigeria has we know it, has changed beyond recognition. We have gone Stevie Wonder blind. We have gone stone deaf. We fail to see elected officials translate their privilege and influence into vast economic power. We fail to see a society where it is pleasurable to exclude, demean and restrict. The rich live a life of luxury embellished with our sweat and blood. We fail to see a Congress that has been turned into a forum for legalized bribery. In spite of their no- fear- of -God salary package. We fail to see a good for nothing President, in Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. We fail to hear the cries of Public University Students, six months into the ASUU strike. We fail to hear the the wails of agony as thousands die; victims of Boko Haram. Our passivity spawned by our desire to live a life of denial is running high. We have become befuddled and complacent.

But history has a way of surprising us. Especially, when serious change seem impossible. Remember June 12. Remember the death of Sanni Abacha. We are only postponing our Armageddon. It will happen without the benefit of pundit prediction. The question is not whether, the future has riots, brutality and conflicts in store for us. It does. Nor is the question whether, bloodshed can be prevented. It cannot. Our leaders will push us to the brink. Obsessive focus on self aggrandization will set the stage for it. The demise of this democracy is not just possible but probable. The forces of change that is accumulating will vehemently reject this new normal. Reflexively igniting bottled up fury. Democratic state building requires blood and magic. Politicians will push this democracy and our lousy system beyond its breaking point. When these thresholds are crossed we will see BLOOD then MAGIC. Objective reality will begin to diverge from illusion and fantasy. Out of terror will come hope. Plutocracy will die and real DEMOCRACY will be born. The rape of Nigeria, will one day become punishable by WE THE PEOPLE. Calling for the heads of those that had the power to do so much but did choose to do so little.

” Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”- Barrack Obama.

This one for the family of Samuel Onabanjo. Eyin mama ada ooo.

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